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For more information on the hearings that have taken place on the CSPA in Concord, click on the links below:

Committee Hearings
April 23 , 2009

Committee Hearings
February 19, 2009

Dec. 18, 2008

DES Hearing
Nov. 14, 2008


Senate Energy, Environment and
Economic Development Committee Hearings
February 19, 2009

This public hearing pertained to two pieces of proposed legislation. SB 134–FN, sponsored by Senator Martha Fuller Clark, proposes amendments to the CSPA mostly supplied by the DES and SB 139–FN, sponsored by Senator John Gallus, proposes a moratorium of the CSPA and formation of a Study Commission which includes the NH Shoreline Coalition.

The Coalition position is that the moratorium proposed in SB 139–FN is not necessary if the CSPA is properly amended as per our suggestions for amendments to SB 134–FN.  However, the suggestion of a Study Commission in SB 139–FN is a good one because the CSPA will undoubtably need further amendments in the future and the Commission suggested by Senator Gallus’s Bill contains a majority of affected individuals.

At the conclusion of the hearing Chairman Clark suggested to the DES that they confer with us and others to review the amendments to the CSPA we proposed. Coalition members are urged to contact the sponsors of SB 134–FN indicating support for our proposed amendments and suggesting the addition of a Commission, along the lines suggested in SB 139–FN, that will study the impact of the CSPA on both water quality and shoreline owners, and make recommendations to the DES and the legislature for changes to improve both the CSPA and its Administrative Rules.


New Hampshire Shoreline Guardians

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Testimonies at
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NHSC Proposed
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