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In view of the passage of HB2, which contains numerous positive amendments to the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act, this website is being substantially revised.

After three years of hard work by our association and others, the CSPA - now renamed the Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act (SWQPA) - has achieved a fair balance between protecting water quality and property rights.

Shoreland property owners can now actively support this law.

Our association congratulates and thanks our legislature, governor, the DES and numerous private citizens who worked hard to achieve this result.

Our Mission
The New Hampshire Shoreline Coalition was organized with a dual purpose of protecting both the treasured waters of New Hampshire and the property rights of shoreline owners. These goals are not mutually exclusive. With judicious regulations and cogent stewardship, New Hampshire regulatory agencies and property owners can effect appropriate protection of one of New Hampshire’s most valued assets – its waterways – be it lake, stream, river, estuaries, beach or rocky shore.

What spurred the formation of this Coalition?
The passage of a new law by the New Hampshire legislature: The Comprehensive Shoreline Protection Act (CSPA), effective July 1, 2008. The New Hampshire legislators passed this Act with the well-intentioned goal of protecting New Hampshire’s shorelines and waterways.

The New Hampshire Shoreline Coalition's objective is to monitor the enforcement and effectiveness of the now-renamed SWQPA and propose amendments, if necessary, to the law or administrative rules that will assure the protection of both the shoreline waterways and property owners.

They will give shoreline owners, who are the persons most directly impacted by the law and most interested in preserving the quality of our waterways, the motivation to embrace the goals of the SWQPA.







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